Welcome! Hope you enjoy my columns. The hunting & fishing articles are based on over 50 years’ experience in the Nova Scotia outdoors.

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  1. Hello Ed, I was doing a Google search on my great great grandfather, John Edward Coleman, and your page came up. It looks like we are related! My grandmother on my dad’s side was Gertie Coleman I loved your stories about the ballad and the ‘Looking Back’ article. I had to laugh when I read the comment about why he was so kind to the prisoners: “he used to say, ‘I’ve got to be; half of them are relatives of mine’.” If you only knew how often I’ve made similar comments 🙂

    I’m wondering if you happen to have come across any information on his father. I know that his name was David and from what I gather, he was born in either Ireland or New Brunswick. I’m doing genealogy on our family but have hit a brick wall with that line. David was married to Mary Boles (I have 4 different spellings for her maiden name). I’ve found information on Mary’s line (did you know that we are related to Noah Webster, author of the Webster Dictionary?).

    Any little bits of information that you can share would be appreciated.


    Sharon Cameron


    • Hello Sharon: As I probably mentioned, John Coleman is/was my father’s uncle. I have a lot of material on David and I’ll gladly share it with you. Other people have researched David as well and you can have this. My email address is edwingcoleman@gmail.com. Send me a note to this address and I’ll get back to you this weekend.


  2. Good evening Ed ~ hope you are well.

    I’m wondering if you received my email. I’ve been busy working on my mother’s line but my sister asked me about this yesterday. The Colemans are on my father’s side (his mother was a Coleman).

    My email address, just in case my email didn’t go through, is: Familyday1228@hotmail.com

    Enjoy your summer!


  3. I enjoyed coming upon your stories, particularly by way of reading of a maternal grandfather’s ancestral family (Harris). Im the New York State 21st Century descendant of these enterprising people. My mother was a Harris, her father from Rochester, NY. The Harris and Andrews families of CT, USA are my more immediate connection (New London, Hartford and New Haven, CT once upon a time.
    Thank you!


  4. Hello Ed, Reading about the Japanese documentary on treasure hunting in the Bay of Fundy, do you have any insight on whether that was ever released or published?


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