I’ve been told by my family that since I reached my senior years, it has become difficult to shop for me at Christmas. “Hey, no problem,” I generally reply. “Just give me a history book.”

Like many seniors, I revel in reading and collecting local history books; especially community history books of which there have been more than a few in recent years. With that hint out of the way, I’m going to make it easy for seniors whose spouses, children and grandkids are wondering what to give you for Christmas. Tell them to visit the Kings County Museum and get you a couple of history books for Christmas.

I’ll make it even easier for anyone to shop for you. Here’s a mini-review of a few of the books available. Pass it along to anyone who says it’s difficult to find a suitable gift for you.

Kings County Vignettes. A vignette is a brief account and that’s exactly what this soft covered series is, a 10 book collection of concise historical sketches covering various aspects of Kings County history. Price per book: $7.

Township books, Kings County, Nova Scotia : Aylesford, Cornwallis, Horton, compiled by Lorna Evans. Basically a record of marriages, births, and deaths in the townships between 1784 and 1862. A good research tool for anyone looking up their ancestors. $25.

A Genealogical History of Long Island by Douglas Eagles. While a history of farms dating back to the Planters, this book also describes the trials and tribulations of settling here and dividing up the dykelands following the Acadian expulsion. Recommend as an overview of early Planter life in Kings County. $15.

Camp Aldershot by Brent Fox. One of my favorite books and a great read if you’re interested in the military. Fox gives the history of Camp Aldershot from 1904 until roughly the present. Well researched, well written and a pleasure to read. A great stocking stuffer at $4.

Also for military buffs, We Remember the Veterans of New Ross. While primarily a record of the men and women of New Ross who served in the military from the time of the Riel rebellion, the Boer War and up to World War II, this book also covers the history of New Ross as a military settlement. $39.

Boats, Books, and Apples. A portrait of E. D. Haliburton, the life and writing of one of Kings County’s most distinguished politicians and farmers. New release. $30.

All the Old Apples and More. I hope readers will forgive my immodesty in mentioning this collection in soft cover of 100 of my history columns from The Advertiser. Published by the Museum and proceeds are used to fund Museum activities. $20.

I’ve only covered a few of the 40 or more history books available at the Museum. Also available on disk are records of births and deaths in Kings County and other Valley areas. Check at the Museum for a complete list of other books and records that are available.

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