At the Federation of Anglers and Hunters annual convention, which usually is held towards spring, the various affiliated wildlife associations and clubs present resolutions re changes they’d like to see in fishing and hunting regulations.

To give a few examples, the Queens County fish and Game Association presented a resolution at the last convention asking that the bag limit on black bear, for hunting and snaring, be increased by one bear in the 2012 season. The Kings County Wildlife Association, citing evolving agricultural conditions, presented a resolution asking that the pheasant season in Valley counties is changed so it is the same as the remainder of the province. The Valley season runs November 1 to December 15, while in the rest of the province the season opens October 1.

Some of the resolutions presented at the annual meeting are interesting since they reflect changing wildlife conditions and suggest a general change in the attitude anglers and hunters have towards their sport and the environment. The resolutions are voted on by the general membership and are either passed or voted down. But even when resolutions are passed, this doesn’t mean we will see any of the changes requested by the proposals. Generally speaking, the resolutions are changes the clubs and associations would like to see implemented; whether they will come about is another question.

That being said, here are a few other resolutions brought up at the general meeting. One that I see as sensible was presented by the South Shore Wildlife Association regarding the flimsy and awkward paper hunting license we are issued every year. The resolution asked that the paper license be replaced with a plastic card the size of a credit card with stickers being used for big game, small game and so on.

The Big Game Society presented a resolution that hopefully might slow down an ongoing decline in hunter numbers. The Society suggested the province look at offering free licenses to qualified hunters in the 12 to 17 age group.

The Cape Breton Wildlife Association presented a resolution I’m sure most waterfowlers will agree with. This resolution requested a two week delay in the waterfowl season and the two weeks added to the end of the season. If it was ever implemented, this would eliminate that period of the season when the weather is generally summer-like and not all that great for waterfowl hunting.

I should point out again that the resolutions mentioned here are just that, resolutions only. Think of them as a wish list, things wildlife groups in general would like to see changed. Consideration may be given them by the government but that could be as far as they will go. Once in a while some of the changes requested by wildlife groups actually are implemented, but don’t keep your fingers crossed.

For example, the resolution asking that the waterfowl season be delayed to start two weeks later and end two weeks later has been brought up before without success. The resolution by the Kings County Wildlife Association on the pheasant season won’t go anywhere either since such a change will generally be opposed by anyone working in agriculture.

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