What’s a shivaree, a lockshoe?  Where is that mysterious burnt land in  Kings County?

Many seniors can tell you about the shivarees they participated in when they were young; a few, if they were farmers and worked with a team of horses or oxen, will know how important lockshoes are.  As for the burnt land, maybe a senior here and there has heard of it but it may be difficult to find anyone who has,

However, if you want to know for sure about the burnt land, what lockshoes and shivarees are all about, I suggest, with modesty, that you check out my latest book.  Burnt Land, Lockshoes, Shivarees, a collection of my historical columns, was published this month by the Kings Historical Society and is now on sale at the Courthouse Museum for $21.99.  The book contains close to 100 historical articles, most of them about Kings County; all were published in this paper.

I’m happy to promote my book since I donated the collection to the Historical Society and it’s being sold as a fund raiser.  As they did from the sale of my first historical collection (All the Old Apples) all funds from book sales go to the Society.

So buy the book and help the Society.  I have to say, again with modesty, that you’ll find the columns interesting and informative.  I even found the columns enjoyable; having written many of them decades ago for this paper it was like reading many of them for the first time.   In other words I’d forgotten what I’d dug up and researched moons ago for my history column.

But written yesterday or two decades ago, history is history.  So discover the burnt land, read about shivarees, early shipbuilding in the county, the old Cornwallis Valley Railway, the motor car that originally was made in Kentville and so on.  I promise.  You’ll enjoy the book.

Besides my collection, the Historical Society has other books, all of which make excellent Christmas gifts for the history buff.  Among them are Camp Aldershot by Brent Fox, the Kings County vignettes series, Memories of Coldbrook by Marie Bishop, Gaspereau by L. Ross Potter, Along the Tracks (railway history through postcards) by Tony Kalkman and Second Chance by Glenn Ells, a book about life in Nova Scotia during the American Revolution.

For a complete list of historical books and various historical CDs, check out the Historical Society website at  The last time I was in the museum I noticed that only a few copies of Marguerite Woodworth’s history of The D.A.R. were for sale.  This book isn’t easy to find today and I suggest anyone interested move fast.

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